Welcome to our new website

This new website hopefully shows the story of Papel from past to present and leads up to the publication of the book due for publication in 2018 of TALES BEYOND MAIN STREET.

I going thorough over 60 years of files, I came across our company newsletter which was edited by my sister, Arlene Slater.

Papel Giftware and Ruggles Gifts has employed in the thousands over it’s 60 year history not to mention the large number of sales reps and licensors and licensees that cross over the giftware industry. Our sales have reached in the mid-8 figures during our height in the 90’s. Our account based exceeded over 10,000 retailers at times. Our products over the years have reached well over a billion households!

I’d like to occasionally show the different pages of the newsletter, the Pipeline and welcome feedback of past employees and sales reps, retailers and consumers.

I hope you enjoy the new website. If you have any pictures of the
“People of Papel”, please send them in and hopefully we can include them in that section of the website which will be updated periodically.


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